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Don't believe everything you see or hear. Some businesses
claim to have been around for years.  It doesn't mean they
actually have. Can they prove it?  We  are the first original
recommended  mobile  pony  ride  business  of  more  than
6 years and we CAN prove it!
                   Email equine.council@ymail.com for confirmation.
Pony Parties, Pony Rides, Pony Hire,  Face Painting,  Balloon Animals,  Glitter Tattoos,  Super Heros.   Our  family
based business provides  pony rides and face painting  for  birthday  parties,   social  clubs  and  special  occasion
events.  Our ponies and face painters  have  provided  hundreds  of  pony  rides  and  entertainment  for children
of all ages since  1988.   We started  with 'Apple' and 'Jacko'  a pair  of  beautiful  leopard  palouses,  who were
popular throughout SA for 12  years  until sadly,  Apple  died  from  a  snake  bite.   Jacko  
has now  been retired  
to a loving home.
  Our  miniature  pony  'Cody',  has  worked  with  various TV and radio personalities, including
Fitzy on
 Nova 91.9  and  he  was  a  big  hit with  the  staff  and  children  when  he  made  a   special   television
appearance  on  
'Bookworm'.   Our  face   painters   and   ponies  have  worked at  Expo,   Royal   Adelaide  Show,   
Art and Craft Fair,   Entertainment Centre,   Irish Club,  Christmas  Pageant,  Glendi  festival,   Greater  Union   
Theatre   previews,   BOC  Gases,   CIG,  ETSA,  Royal Adelaide Hospital,
MacDonald's, Ingham Chickens, SGIC,  
Dulux Paints, Solver Paints,
GMH,  Delfin Real Estate, Carrick Hill, Central Districts Football Club, SA Tourism,  
Rover Australia,  Repco,  Nestle,  
Crippled  Children's Association,  Apex Club,  Life Be In It,  Down Syndrome
Society of SA,
 CAFS, Help At Home Inc.,  The City of Tea Tree Gully Council,  Enfield  Council,   Port Adelaide
Council,  Glenelg  Council,  Munno
 Para City Council,  Department of Transport, Attorney General's Department,   
Police Association,   Northfield  Prison  Complex,  RAAF Base, CPS Credit Union, Mobil, SAFM, Mix 102.9,  Nova
91.9,  Channel 7, Channel 9, Channel 10,
 to  name just  a few,  plus  many  other  venues  including sporting clubs,
hotels, church groups, schools, kindergartens, parent groups
and a 5 day beach front event at Yankalilla in 1996,  
where   'Amber the pony'   was  made  an  honorary  
Girl Guide,  even though she ate everyone's sandwiches! We
were the only  
 businesses   offering   'we come to you'  pony ride  activity  back  then,    so  we   had  to  try  to  
accommodate  anyone  ‘anywhere’  wanting   this
 type of  entertainment  or  activity. 'Abbey  the pony'  was the
fourth to join the ranks and has proved to be very popular with adults and children alike. She was even featured
the  Live To Ride  magazine way  back   in  1995,  delighting  little  ones  with  rides  during a street festival.  
'Alma the pony' was the fifth  to join the ranks and is very loved by all. We invite you to visit our website to see
our references plus some   more  delightful  photos  and  an  amusing   video   clip   featuring   'Cody'
(our patting
with 'Fitzy'.  Our face painters  have  been around children from all walks of life.  Our main  face  painter  
is the owner of the business and  has a  little brother with a disability,
 which  makes her pretty special, as  she   
is  exceptionally  patient  and  really takes the time to   understand  what  makes  
each  child  happy.   

We pride ourselves on making people happy and one would have to  go  a  long  way  to find  another business  that
cares about  customers
 the  way  we  do.  We  prefer to  work  north  of the city  as  we  are  friends  with  our
competition down south and in the hills and  we  believe in sharing  the work,  so  if  they  are closer,  
be a mate
and support your local business
.  If they are booked, we would welcome your patronage.
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